University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences



Previous studies regarding personality traits at drivers highlighted the relationship between personality factors and movement anticipation at youngsters (Chraif, Vilcu & Burtaverde, 2015), the relationship between perceived emotion, personality traits and level of wellbeing at amateur drivers (Chraif Corbu & Burtaverde, 2014) and the Big Five Personality Factors in the prediction of aggressive driving behavior at undergraduate students (Aniței, Chraif, Burtaverde & Mihailă, 2014). This is focused to identify the relationship between consumption of cigarettes and aggressive driving. Following this study, which involved a total of 64 participant, smokers and nonsmokers, revealed that smoking has an influence on aggressiveness behind the wheel, being a statististically significant predictor for it. Participants: This study involved a number of 62 drivers aged between 19 and 56 years. The average age of participants was 27.05 years and standard deviation was 6.87. Aggressive driving behavior AVIS test (Vienna Tests System 2012) is a questionnaire made up of 36 items aimed at different types of driving behavior. significant correlation was also found between the desire to smoke and the total score on the AVIS questionnaire regarding aggressive behavior (r = 0.303, p = 0.03 <0.05).

Cuvinte cheie: fumat, agresivitate traffic, siguranta traffic, șofat riscant

Keywords: smoking, driving aggression, safety driving, risky driving

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