The relationship between personality factors and movement anticipatION in young drivers


Mihaela Chraif, Aurelia Vilcu, Vlad Burtaverde,

Teodor MIhaila

University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology




This research investigated the relationship between Big Five personality factors and anticipation of movement. IPIP Big Five markers questionnaire was completed by 60 participants, students at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Research results showed that there is a positive correlation between the level of agreeability and weaker anticipation of movement. However, the literature does not speak of such a correlation. A positive correlation between the level of conscientiousness and people who have driving licenses was also observed. This means that people who have a driver's license are characterized by a greater degree of conscientiousness, which is also not confirmed in the literature.


Cuvinte cheie: big five personality model, movement anticipation, traffic psychology


Keywords:  experimental, journal, psychology, paper, publishing. 



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