The relation between the decisional capacity and locus of control among aircraft maintenance and repair personnel

Calin Victoria

University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology



The aim of this study was to investigate the way in which the dependent variable-locus of control – influences the dependent variables-safety attitudes and decision making at the maintenance and repair personnel. Also, the study wanted to show if the periodical training on „Human factors in aviation” internalizes the locus of control of the participants. It was also assumed that the personnel with an internal locus of control have a greater decision making capacity.

The obtained results of this study confirm the assumptions made at the beginning of the study. It was found that there is a statistical significant correlation between the locus of control and safety attitudes (r=0.997, p<0.05), between the locus of control and decision making capacity (r=0.877, p<0.05), between the locus of control and number of identified errors (r=0.886, p<0.05). It was also found that the locus of control can be internalized after following a training program about human factors in aviation, and the test-retest coefficient calculated after applying the locus of control questionnaire before and after trainings was .314.

Keywords: decisional capacity, locus of control, decision making, aircraft maintenance personnel

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