Driving performance, sleepiness and self-perception  of attention at amateur drivres



 University of Bucharest,

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences




This study investigates possible bivariate correlations between the level of attention, sleepiness and performance in traffic at amateur drivers. Participants were a total of 20 subjects, 10 women and 10 men aged between 18 and 53 years. The instruments used are three questionnaires: 1) questionnaire that measures the level of drowsiness and fatigue; 2) questionnaire that measures the level of attention to driving; 3) questionnaire that evaluate the traffic performance of drivers (CEPC). The findings refute the bivariate correlations between variables assumptions: self-assessed attention, sleep and fatigue level and performance in traffic. The conclusion of the study is the need to continue on different batches of amateur drivers, professionals, different levels of education and age. You can also perform a study in which the same batch of amateur drivers is assessed psychological tests of attention and level of sleep and fatigue.


Keywords: amateur drivers, sleepiness self-perception, attention self-perception, driving performance.


Cuvinte cheie:   şofer amator, autopercepţia nivelului de somnolenţă, autopercepţia nivelului atenţiei, autopercepţia performaţelor în trafic.



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