Gender differences regarding agressively behavior, perceived stress and coping strategies at amateur drivers



University of Bucharest,

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences




The objective of this study is to identify gender differences in aggressiveness level and self-perceived stress and in the strategies used to cope with stress in traffic. The research focused on highlighting the differences between men and women related to the driving behavior, but the target population was represented by the non-professional/amateur drivers, which means that those work in this field was excluded. The sample was composed from 61 participants (22 male and 39 female), aged between 19 and 51 years and with a age mean of 28, 13 years. The results shows that are statistically significant differences between male and female concerning instrumental aggression, male reporting higher levels than female. Research can be continued with the expansion of the samples of different ages, different levels of skill. Also, the instruments can be applied in different traffic situations such as changing weather (rain, snow, storm,), and in traffic congestion, urban versus rural, etc.


Keywords: coping, instrumental aggression, self-perceived stress, amateur drivers.


Cuvinte cheie: coping, agresivitate instrumentală, stress autoperceput, şoferi amatori.


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