The influence of driving licence d in driving agresively behavior and perceived emotion



University of Bucharest,

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences




The present non-experimental study aims at highlighting on one hand the possible correlations between aggressive behavior in traffic and perceived emotions and on the other hand testing of hypotheses concerning gender differences regarding dependent variables instrumental aggression, anger in traffic, acting out, positive emotions and negative emotions. Participants were young people aged between 18-25 years (M = 20.69; SD = 1.33), female (N = 44; 67.7%) and male (N = 21; 32 3%), from rural and urban areas. In total there were 65 participants in the study 35 subjects without a driving license and 30 with a  driving license. The used instruments are: AVIS (Vienna Tests System, 2010) and MestRo adapted  by Pitariu, Lenvine, Musat (2005). The results confirmed the hypothesis of the research part and showed some correlations between positive and negative emotions and aggressive behavior in youth study participants. The study can continue with the expansion of the samples with different ages and with different levels of education in Romania.


Keywords: instrumental aggression, unusual behavior, distraction, positive emotions, negative emotions.


Cuvinte cheie: agresivitate instrumental, comportament neobişnuit, distractor, emoţii positive, emoţii negative.



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